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Introducing Bard Access Systems' PowerPICC* catheters. The first PICC to combine the efficacy and performance of polyurethane PICCs with the ability to perform power injection for CECT scans.

  • Maximum flow rates of 5 ml/sec
  • Pressure alarm setting up to 300 psi
  • Available in several catheter configurations:
  • 4 Fr Single Lumen
  • 5 Fr Single Lumen
  • 5 Fr Dual Lumen
  • 5 Fr Triple Lumen
  • 6 Fr Dual Lumen
  • 6 Fr Triple Lumen
  • Available with state-of-the-art insertion components.

For more information on PowerPICC* catheters,
contact Bard Access Systems:
800 545-0890

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